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    Need advice for first portfolio program

    Hey everyone. I wasn't sure where to post this, but the "Career, job, and business ideas or advice" section seemed like the best place.

    As of this summer, I've started going back to school to pursue a degree in computer science. It's important to me to not just land a programming job when I graduate, but also to be good at that job. I'm wanting to have a strong portfolio of work that isn't just class assignments.

    I just completed my first programming class this summer (intro to programming and logic) where we learned Python. I've now got about a month before classes start back up, and I'm itching to program something. I'm wondering if this program idea sounds like a good first addition to a portfolio, and if it seems reasonable to do in a month (I plan on spending anywhere from 15-30 hours a week working on it. Also keep in mind, much of what I will be doing will be one of the first times I've done it).

    So the idea: I play the piano, classically. I have endless numbers of pieces that I have in digital format that I want to learn. They are scattered in files all over my computer. I want to create a database that classifies each piece of music with its composer, the era/style of music (baroque, romantic, classical... exc), the year it was composed, the form of the piece (sonata, waltz, etude... exc), and its difficulty.

    I'd like it to also have a GUI interface, where I can add items to the database by filling out some kind of form, and where I can do searches, edit existing entries, remove entries, exc... Using the GUI interface. I'd like to be able to have the program pick a random piece based on specific criteria. I'd also like, when I run a search for a piece, to have the notation open up in a PDF.

    I was going to go ahead and stick with Python since I only know the basics of Java, and other than Java I've only spent a month with Lisp. Which actually brings up another question I had; I'm hoping to focus on Java in school, and as far as a career goes. Will the same employers who wants to hire me due to skills in Java care whether this program is in Python or not?

    Thanks in advance .

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    I can't answer to whether it's doable in a month, but it does sound interesting. If you can get the programming & GUI right, it's definitely a good piece of your portfolio. By the time you are looking for a java job, you should have other projects that are java-based. The python program will show where you started and the java projects will show your progression.

    An employer will value that you took the initiative and had the curiosity to build a project outside of school. You'd be surprised how many graduates i had resumes from that had no portfolio. Plus the ability t learn multiple programs will make you more valuable. It shows your capacity and interest in learning, willingness to change and ability to apply logic in various contexts.

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    sometimes having a nice portfolio can make all the difference in getting a job....telling you from my personal experience...just goes on to show that you really have a paasion for this stuff....best of luck


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