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    Another Old Dude Career Rebuild

    Hello. I'm just about a year out from finishing my career retooling/enhancement/who knows degree in Computer Programming. It's an AAS, though I'm getting it with an eye toward finishing up a BAAS and not as an end. I'm 38, so another old dog.

    So, my first stab at the IT field was back in the late 90's. I picked up my A+, some Microsoft certifications (NT Server 4.0, TCP/IP), etc. Ended up just absorbing some IT duties with my existing position with the state government (Designed and supported the division website, other various tech support type stuff).

    Life happened, I left that job and went back to school -- Became a respiratory therapist. Have about seven years of clinical experience now, and figured out a while back I couldn't do this for the rest of my career -- Tons of reasons. Physically, stress, health, ethics, etc.

    And here I am back at refreshing my IT skills. I was directed toward IT Security, though didn't find it nearly as interesting as the programming offerings. I suppose my job prospects would have been better, but I'm not doing this to quick doing something I don't enjoy to just transition into something else I don't enjoy -- The programming just seemed more fun, and hopefully the job prospects work themselves out later.

    That being said, I do have to think about it. Thought I'd ask about some potential directions once I get finished with this leg of my education. The program is -pretty- web-heavy. JavaScript/PHP/MySQL. Also have had a dash of C++ and Java, and a larger section of VB.NET. Also along the way are a Linux+, Security+, and CCENT. Kinda directionless in some ways, but it's from the district colleges all trying to agree on things for the program.

    Any ideas on where to focus with that mix, professionally? I'm hoping to find something peripheral to health informatics/IT to try and keep some utility to my clinical experience, but it's not a must.

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    First of all a thumbs up for going after what you want. I'm 36 and I'm about to embark on the same journey. Except....I have no programming experience, or any degree. School of hard knocks for me, and it's what's propelling me to follow in your footsteps. From my experience, and I'm assuming we're probably the older ones on these forums, programmers can be super tech savy, but have zero ability to understand function. Whether you focus on a PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, etc, it's all good stuff but coming from the user side of custom programming, if the programmer doesn't understand what the program needs to do, then all you have is a static site. I think you're experience in the medical profession, should give you great insight into what may be needed to make a site a valuable useful tool. Trust your gut and go for it !!


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