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Thread: Where To Start?

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    Question Where To Start?

    Well... I'm definitely wanting to do something with computers as a career. I've done minor 3d modelling, as well I've always been known as a coder among modding communities. I'm a pretty quick learner when it comes to coding. But, I don't want to just mod anymore, I want to actually put my skills to use. I just have no idea where to start. I'd like to develop Android/iPhone apps/games but I just don't know. Perhaps Web development would interest me too. I need some advice on what all there is to do in the coding world, what has the highest demand, and overall what everyone thinks is there personal favorite and fun to use. For the sake of this topic, say I have no real experience in any languages. I've simply coded in Lua, Pawn, and other essentially dead languages that are only used for modding existing games. However, I am an extremely quick learner.

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    Find small companies that need CAD/3D modelling designers.
    Miniatures wargames and toys companies are crying out for them right now.
    Get some work experience this way and branch out from there.

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    I will say first understand what is that you love to do

    once you figure out if you are interested in animation or web development or designing depending on that try in that field

    initially try to get some projects for free or less price so you may get some projects to showcase and than once you can show your work you will land up more better projects


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