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    Becoming a Freelance Web Developer during High School?

    Since I was about 10 years old (currently 14 going on 15;sophomore in highschool) I've been learning HTML, CSS, and PHP (along with SQL). Not only learning but also making full-functioning websites (most of which have been publicly available). I've learned Javascript as well, but have no experience (no time actually writing code) with it, so I don't consider myself to 'know' it. I won't say I'm an expert or anything, but I'm not bad at all.

    Considering I can't get an actual job and have been thinking about majoring in computer science during college anyway, I was thinking about becoming a freelance web developer now. Obviously, I have school but I could make time for a job as well.

    My reasons for considering becoming a freelance web developer now is 1) money. While I know I won't be one of the lucky few making $100,000/year, a job where I make decent pay, choose my own hours, etc would be nice. 2)Experience. Doing it could improve all of my skills exceptionally. 3)Resume. Having 'web developer' on my resume could potentially help me get other jobs, which would be nice.And finally 4) College. This kinda goes with experience too but, all the experience could help me in computer science courses during college.
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    High school is pretty early for a career development but that's just my opinion. I would break from middle way college to start a serious career / entrepreneurship with my own business if I had the chance again. The world is changing rapidly and you must be bold enough to give up many things to gain things that few can.
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    I saw your post a little late ( 2 months or so ), but I had to post. I am currently 17, I have been developing since I was 10. This year I was able to get a job with a successful development company in a city near me. It works great for me, its remote, their is always work to do, I'm getting real world experience, and I'm only 17.

    You can honestly do any thing you put your mind to, and if you think your ready to take your development career to the next level, and become a freelancer, don't hesitate. Seriously look at your skills, and ask your self, if you have the skills employers are looking for. Employers like mine, do not care about age ( unless its Facebook, twitter or Google). So start with freelance, on a site like this, and then move to a full job ( or career ).

    That's just my 2 cents though, feel free to PM me for questions/advice.

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    I thought I was already young when I started guess I'm wrong. Anyway its good that you are already trying to do something to nurture your skills. It is not wrong to work and take experience as early as 10. Just don't let your work interfere with your studies.

    Good luck!


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