Looking for a part-time hard-working Med to Senior level Drupal programmer to take over the technical side of an e-commerce business.
SEO knowledge a huge plus. I'm offering some equity in the business and/or sales commission, whatever you prefer, all for 15-20 hrs work a week (negotiable, whatever is right for you). Your physical location is not relevant. I'm based in London, UK.

The idea is to combine a vibrant online community with a t-shirt store selling t-shirts specifically to that community.
Combining two popular online activities- hanging out and shopping- will minimize our reliance on Google Advertising and help us retain customers.
The website will cater to a 17-30 y.o. guy with an interest in politics, protests, Occupy etc, with content presented in a humorous and sarcastic way. The emphasis throughout the site is on change and making things happen. I've teamed up with Amnesty International UK and will produce a charity t-shirt for them which will be highlighting the importance of the International Arms Trade Treaty. I believe that official endorsement of this charity gives us credibility, which is key for a start up.
I've already built the website and produced the t-shirts, as well as built up a twitter audience (500+ and working on Facebook at the moment). What I need from a partner is to take the website to the next level. Creative input will be most welcome. I'm looking for a partner to bounce ideas off.
My background in in Menswear design so I know what I'm doing when it comes to t-shirt production (no cheap generic stuff). I've worked for various start up and established clothing brands in the past.
All details as well as the link to the website will be sent via email.
Free t-shirts for life is one of the perks of working with me on this!
Let me know if interested