I'd rather not charge by the hour, it gets to cumbersome to keep track of time especially when you run into a roadblock of any sort.

This is a non-profit soccer club so they have a limited budget and the place that was hosting them and doing their design and updates were IMO robbing them blind! I think they were charging them like $1K/yr for hosting and management of the site. Plus from what I've been told that when changes were requested it would take a month at the least before they'd appear.

I'm not looking to get rich. The site isn't anything really fancy. At most there may be some jquery in it and some simple php and a few pieces of php code written by myself. Most of the graphics are done by me.

I won't mind doing the maintenance on it since they only have changes every now and then and their very small changes.

My skill is probably right at the intermediate line were novice ends. Since I've never really had any schooling in this and just learned it all on the go!

I'd like to get a idea of what a fair price would be for design, per page creation and maintenance. So, any help would be awesome! Thanks so much!