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    Need Help with a Quote


    Our company just received this quote request. We are mainly a frontend web developer and we just need to know what kinds of questions we should be asking this potential client, or who we should be partnering with to land this job. If any of you have experience in this you can PM me and I'll send your info over to my boss who would be happy to consider you for work.

    "We are an insurance brokerage. Our website is... We need to build a "web portal" to allow our brokers to login and access data specific to them, such as commission statements and other data we retain in our system, and also have the ability to add new functions down the road. I've already got some existing code in PHP that can be used for the commissions side. We will also be hosting everything inhouse, and already have an Apache server running here."

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    That's a pretty general statement of work they've given you. If you have a project manager or requirements person you probably should have them engage the potential client to try and gather some specifics. Your firm sounds like it can handle the design portion so you'll probably be looking for someone to work on the backend portion (including interfacing to whatever this customer already has in place).
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    Please post in appropriate forum, there is no mysql question there so no need to post in this forum.

    Thread moved.


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