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  1. Coding styles and $end errors

    by , 07-06-2014 at 01:48 PM

    I'm sure many of you have come across the "Unexpected $end" or "Missing $end" messages many times and it's probably taken you many minutes, hours or even days to find it. If its the latter two options i'm sure if you're like me it's probably taken you a lot of desk thumping to to identify the fault.

    Firstly I'd like to show you two different coding styles here:
    PHP Code:
    //Example A - The most popular
    function test_a($Input){
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  2. Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent

    by , 07-06-2014 at 01:47 PM
    I thought this would be a useful blog entry as it seems to be a common error that a lot of new coders don't quite understand.

    Many new php coders see this message and will not understand it. In order to understand what PHP is telling us we need to understand how the HTTP process works.

    This is a basic web page HTML source code:
          <title>Hello World</title>
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  3. Quotes / Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRIN G in..

    by , 07-06-2014 at 01:45 PM
    I'd like to start this blog entry by saying that typically an unexpected error often means that you have a missing semicolon ; at the end of a line of code or a symbol / operator where it should not be. Often though, you'll get an error about T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING. This blog entry aims to help you with that.

    Many new PHP coders will come across this error and will be a bit confused by what it means so I thought I would supply a quick topic to cover the issue in more detail. ...
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  4. The IE if (isset($_POST['submit'])) bug explained.

    by , 07-06-2014 at 01:41 PM
    For a while I had a clear warning in my signature about not using this technique, not everyone understood the problem and I used to get quite a few PMs about it. Today I am going to explain this issue to you in further detail so that you can understand and try this out for yourself and fix your code.

    Lets start with a basic script:
    PHP Code:
    title>The if(isset($_POST['submit'])) bug demo.</title>

    Updated 07-07-2014 at 05:45 PM by tangoforce

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  5. This is a test post!

    by , 07-06-2014 at 01:36 PM
    Hello CF'ers!

    This is purely a test post to my blog to see how editing and post deleting work - if at all, after x amount of minutes, days, weeks etc.



    Updated 07-06-2014 at 01:38 PM by tangoforce

    Test Posts
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