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    Question kindergarten ASP

    hai ppl of the forum...i am very new to ASP...and i need help on that....

    I am creating a form system for my uni project...i need to know hw to post values from the form into the database....i am using a Access.....my form has the following fields to be input into the database...Name, Age, Address, Tel No....

    I also need to know hw to validate password....i mean authenticate password.....

    It might be a simple question but i a really really new.....

    please help!!!!!!!!!!

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    www.asp101.com/samples has some short database examples

    And here's the basic concept of a login page:

    Classic ASP Design Tips - Login Page

    Perhaps have a login page that asks the user for his username and password. And whatever page that posts to (which could be the same page for a self posting form) tests these fields against what is in the database, sets the username and userlevel session variables accordingly, and then redirects to the proper page - i.e. back to the login page if the password is wrong (perhaps with a JavaScript popup saying wrong username/password combination) or to the main menu page if the password is correct:

    Session("UserName") = objRS("UserName")
    Session("UserLevel") = objRS("UserLevel")
    Response.Redirect "mainmenu.asp"

    Then you can use If Then's or Select Case on each page to control whether a user is allowed to actually be there and whether particular links of where a user can go actually show up.

    If (Session("UserLevel") <> "Admin") And (Session("UserLevel") <> "Regular") Then
    Response.Redirect "login.asp"
    End If
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