I have posted previously about this problem but now I think i know a bit more about what I actually want.

I have a timer that counts down to 0:00 and then redirects the user to a timeout page which has a link for them to log back in.
the javascript code for this timer is in the <head> of my menu.htm file.

I am using frames and would like the timer to restart the countdown if the user clicks a link or button anywhere on the other two frames (I have three frames in total including the menu.htm).

I have been told that it I could name a session variable "countdown" or something similair and give it the value if the timeout script. then in the other pages have an if statement, such as (in english):

if countdown is not null then......

else .....

My quesiton is how do I make the session variable equal to the timeout script that is in another .htm file, or do I need to put the script into a seperate .js file?? Secondly, can this approach actually work? If not what other method would any of you suggest? I don't really want to get rid of the timer I am currently using.