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    create html page calling text file or db info.

    Ok, I'm working on this project for students so that they can pool all of their study resources into one giant db on the web.

    I'm just trying to figure out how I would do it, should I post the info from the form into a database and which is accessed from the newly created page or do the same except from a text fil instead of a db?

    Also how would I go about making the pages?

    I know that using the filesystemobject I can create a text file but can I make an asp file?

    If I can make an asp file how can write the lines of code needed to access the newly created database entries?

    the form I'd be using would be something like to input fields, just one for the title and one for the content of the resulting page.


    Should I just have the page created without txt file of db, with the form results pasted to the page? Which way would be easier for a search feature?
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    I'd save each input field to a database, and then display them all on a separate page which retrieves each record.

    There are plenty of examples of this, I'd check out:


    Something like this is fairly easy though - just make an access db with two fields, and add a primary key field (AutoNumber), and when they post the form, validate the data, and if the data is good then insert it into the database.

    Then to display it all, you can just use a simple SQL statement...

    Check out the answer I gave to Idiuf very recently to see a really basic way to get the stuff in your database - there's lots of other thread here too that should help!
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