I'm currently working on a web page that will hopefully be able to run queries that pull from tables both created in MS Access and tables that are linked in MS Access (specifically, Pervasive Timberline tables)

My page has no problem connecting to and displaying results pulled from the native Access tables, but any queries that involve data from one of the linked tables produces an error: "Connection to 'Timberline' - failed".

I originally developed these queries directly in Access, and they run fine, but the transition to .Net seems to leave me in a bind.

I'm wondering if anyone has successfully been able to accomplish this, and if so, or even if not, I'd love to hear any suggestions you have.

Here are the relevant sections of code (note: MASTER_JCM_JOB_1 is the linked table in this SQL, and tblMain & tblSub are native Access tables)

Dim conClsf As IdbConnection = New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=" & server.mappath("Excavation.mdb") & ";")
	Dim strSQL as String = "SELECT tblMain.JobNumber, MASTER_JCM_JOB_1.Total_Labor_Units_Est, MASTER_JCM_JOB_1.JTD_Labor_Units " & _
				"FROM MASTER_JCM_JOB_1 INNER JOIN (tblMain INNER JOIN tblSub ON tblMain.ID = tblSub.ID) ON MASTER_JCM_JOB_1.Job = tblMain.JobNumber " & _
				"GROUP BY tblMain.JobNumber, MASTER_JCM_JOB_1.Total_Labor_Units_Est, MASTER_JCM_JOB_1.JTD_Labor_Units " & _
				"HAVING (((tblMain.JobNumber)='" & TextJobPerf.Text & "'));"
	Dim cmdMbrs As OleDbCommand = New OleDbCommand(strSQL,conClsf)
	Dim rdrMbrs As IDataReader = cmdMbrs.ExecuteReader
(the error occurs on this last line of code)

Thanks much!!!!