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    Rounding up two decimal places

    hi guys,

    I have the following bit of code:

      Decimal retCut = rrp * retailerCut;
      Decimal edcut = rrp * edpercentage;
    All are of type decimal, and what I'm trying to do is round the number UP to two decimal places.

    Currently I get the following:

    retCut = 3.145
    edCut = .3455

    I have tried performing the Math.Round() - (Math.Round(edCut, 2) ) - function on them however it doesn't seem to b working. I inserted a break point in my code and it didn't seem to perform any action at all on these figures.
    I'm inserting these figures into a database column of type Decimal(18, 2) so as a result of the figures not rounding up, I am losing cents on every entry. These can build over over time. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Use Decimal.Round to get the correct number.
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