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09-09-2006, 09:01 AM
I say 'simple' but oh, what it is to be so close - but not yet arrived. !
So much is about getting the question right. And I have been working on this one for quite a few days now.

So, i have worked out how to pass my variable to the popup.

var VARIABLE = name;

How do I get the VARIABLE into the line:

function put(a,val) { var insert = window.opener.document.EDITFORM.VARIABLE; insert.value += a + val; }

I have tried +, () \'\' and a variety of approaches but can't seem to crack it.

Great would be my delight to have this last leg of the journey resolved.

thanks - arfa

09-09-2006, 09:19 AM

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
function Recieve(txt){



<span onclick="window.open('pu109.htm');">Link</span>
<script> vic=0; </script>
<form name=Show id=Show style="position:absolute;visibility:visible;top:450px;left:0px;" >
<input size=10 name=Show0 >
<input size=10 name=Show1 >
<input size=10 name=Show2 >
<input size=10 name=Show3 >
<input size=10 name=Show4 >
<input size=10 name=Show5 >
<input size=10 name=Show6 >
<input size=10 name=Show7 >
<input size=10 name=Show8 >
<input size=10 name=Show9 >




<br />
<span onclick="window.opener.Recieve('vic');">send 'vic'</span>



09-09-2006, 12:33 PM
thanks vic,

Plz excuse my lack of js skills but it is not clear to me which is the parent window and which the popup.

nor what you are setting up.

I will study further off-line but any further clarification would be most helpful


09-09-2006, 03:09 PM
the parent page contains

function Recieve(txt){

the popup page

<span onclick="window.opener.Recieve('vic');">send 'vic'</span>

sends text string 'vic' to parent page function Recieve

which displays the text in Show.Show1 input.

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