View Full Version : Back Button Disable in HTML

10-31-2002, 04:17 PM
I need the HTML code to disable the 'back' button. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Roy Sinclair
10-31-2002, 05:20 PM
You can't disable the back button, you can create a new window without the button available but even then you can't prevent the user from backing. Perhaps if you stated the actual problem you have with the use of the back button we can give you an alternative you can count on working.

11-01-2002, 07:24 AM
Keep your fingers off of the user interface! :mad: That includes the right-click menu, by the way. :rolleyes:

11-01-2002, 12:18 PM
eee... messing around with the browsers functions has to be the most annoying thing known to man, but heres another similar thread:


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