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04-29-2006, 05:07 PM
im trying to do a query to add bookings to a table.
ive got the basic query to add the start and end dates which looks like:

$query = "INSERT INTO booking (booking_start_date, booking_end_date) VALUES ('$book_start','$book_end')";
mysql_query($query, $connection) or die (mysql_error());

but i also need to to put in the accommodation id for the accommodation that the booking is for.
the accommodation is selected on a previous page through a radio button which then uses the post method to get to the booking page.

that looks like:

<td align="left">'. $row['type']. '</td>
<td align="left">'. $row['sleeps']. '</td>
<td align="left">'. $row['board']. '</td>
<td align="left">'. $row['description']. '</td>
<td align="left">'. $row['pets_allowed']. '</td>
<td align=center><input type=radio name=accommID value="'.$row['accommID'].'"></td>

ive got the accommID as a field in my booking table aswell but how do i say that i want to put in the accommID for the accommodation selected with the radio button into the booking table aswell?
hope that makes sense


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