View Full Version : load page into frame!!!

10-14-2002, 07:16 AM
I've html code here :

1. aaa.html
<FRAME NAME="frame1" SRC="test1.html">
<FRAME NAME="frame2">
<FRAME NAME="frame3">

This html wll create 3 frames.

2. bbb.html
<FORM METHOD="GET" TARGET="frame2" ACTION="frames.asp">
<INPUT TYPE="Text" NAME="FirstName">
<INPUT TYPE="Text" NAME="LastName">
<INPUT TYPE="Submit" VALUE="Enter">

This will load to frame1 and "frames.asp" will load to frame2.

3. frames.asp will get input from bbb.html, FirstName and display in frame2.

My porblems is how am I going to display LastName into frame3 >

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