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12-13-2005, 03:22 PM
Hello friends,

I am trying to setup a tab for our menus and have a mouse over effect that when the mouse is on the tab to bold the text, and when it leaves the tab to italics the text.

This works except the mouse cursor changes from a pointer to a text I-beam and I think that is causing the mouse out event. How do I prevent this.

Maybe there is a better way. Your advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Joseph - newbie

<table id="Menu-Tab" width="572" height="27" background="images/Tab-Blank.Gif" cursor="arrow">
<td id="bTab1" width="95" align="center" onmouseout="bTab1.innerHTML='<i>Banquet</i>'" onmouseover="bTab1.innerHTML='<b>Banquet</b>'"><b>Banquet</b></td>
<td id="lTab" width="95" align="center" onmouseover="lTab.innerHTML='<b>Luncheon</b>'" onmouseout="lTab.innerHTML='<i>Luncheon</i>'"><i>Luncheon</i></td>
<td id="pTab" width="95" align="center" onmouseover="pTab.innerHTML='<b>Picnic</b>'" onmouseout="pTab.innerHTML='<i>Picnic</i>'"><i>Picnic</i></td>
<td id="bTab2" width="95" align="center" onmouseover="bTab2.innerHTML='<b>Breakfast</b>'" onmouseout="bTab2.innerHTML='<i>Breakfast</i>'"><i>Breakfast</i></td>
<td id="fTab" width="95" align="center" onmouseover="fTab.innerHTML='<b>Funeral</b>'" onmouseout="fTab.innerHTML='<i>Funeral</i>'"><i>Funeral</i></td>
<td id="aTab" width="95" align="center" onmouseover="aTab.innerHTML='<b>Appetizer</b>'" onmouseout="aTab.innerHTML='<i>Appetizer</i>'"><i>Appetizer</i></td>
<td width="2"></td>

12-13-2005, 03:56 PM
<style type="text/css">

<table id="Menu-Tab" width="572" height="27" background="images/Tab-Blank.Gif" cursor="arrow">
<tr><td id="bTab1" width="95" align="center" class = "textoff" onmouseout="this.className='textoff';" onmouseover="this.className='texton';">Banquet</td></tr>

12-13-2005, 04:34 PM
Hello NancyJ,

Thank you very much for your advice.
I tried it and it works great, but of course you know this.

When I finish with the upgrade to our site I will send you a link.
Thank you so much.


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