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03-18-2005, 04:45 PM
The layout of the site I am working on calls for the use of two different iframes.

The "content" iframe is used to receive the content pages, while the smaller "titre" iframe should display a different header depending on which link the user clicked.

Usually I would have the secondary iframe load via a "onClick" behaviour on the link. This time, however, the layout calls for drop down links when the user hovers over the section's name.

This is what the drop-down menu code look like (it was automaticly generated by Dreamweaver. My teachers do not beleive in teaching one the syntax of languages one uses, so what knowledge of Javascript I have are scketchy at best.):

function mmLoadMenus() {
if (window.mm_menu_0317134546_0) return;
window.mm_menu_0317134546_0 = new Menu("root",112,18,"Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif",12,"#FFFFFF","#FFFFFF","#083C10","#326135","left","middle",3,0,250,-5,7,true,true,true,0,true,true);
mm_menu_0317134546_0.addMenuItem("Professeurs","window.open('prof.html', 'content');");
mm_menu_0317134546_0.addMenuItem("Techniciens","window.open('techs.html', 'content');");
mm_menu_0317134546_0.addMenuItem("Visite Virtuelle","window.open('visite.html', 'content');");

How do I get it to load, for exemple "titreprof.html" in my "titre" iframe at the same time as it loads "prof.html" in the "content" frame?

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