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03-08-2005, 05:41 PM

i'm trying to call the following function from an OnCheckedChanged event from w/in my ASP.NET app.

<meta content="Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7.1" name="GENERATOR">
<meta content="C#" name="CODE_LANGUAGE">
<meta content="JavaScript" name="vs_defaultClientScript">
<meta content="http://schemas.microsoft.com/intellisense/ie5" name="vs_targetSchema">
<SCRIPT Language="JavaScript">
function checkboxVisible()
document.InputForm.OrderNumChk.visible = true);
document.InputForm.CarrierChk.visible = true);
document.InputForm.TstCtrChk.visible = true);

i then call this function here:

<asp:CheckBox id="SumViewChk" style="Z-INDEX: 205; LEFT: 464px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 336px" runat="server" Font-Names="Arial" Font-Size="Smaller" Text="Summary View" OnCheckedChanged="checkboxVisible()"></asp:CheckBox>

but get the following error:

c:\inetpub\wwwroot\SeNTReporter\SeNTReportInput.aspx(240,62): error CS0117: 'ASP.SeNTReportInput_aspx' does not contain a definition for 'checkboxVisible'

03-08-2005, 06:14 PM
I think you're trying to use a client side function server side...

03-09-2005, 05:05 AM
I think you're trying to use a client side function server side...
i think you're right.. i'm having trouble understanding how to implement javascript via an asp.net app. could you help figure out how to?

where does the javascript go? where do i put my code in the code-behind? etc..

i'd really appreciate any help on this.

03-09-2005, 06:20 AM
This article (http://www.dotnetbips.com/displayarticle.aspx?id=263) shows you how to attach client-side event handler from server-side.

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