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09-10-2004, 12:24 PM
Greets all, I know at first glance this may not seem like an asp-related problem but please keep reading!

I have a an asp script that creates an html document on the fly then forces out a download box using the stream object to download the file as a word document (ie creating a word document on the fly). This all works fine - the document is downloaded and can be opened. Everything about the document is as it should be - formatting, images, footer - except that when it comes to print the document, the footer is not included (although it is shown in the document and the print preview).

Essentially what I am doing with the document is creating an html document and forcing it to download as a .doc. I use the microsoft mso-* styling (which works fine) and also Microsoft Office/Word specific XML. The footer is actually included as a seperate html file (via an XML document - as recomended by MS). As I mentioned, all this works great in displaying the file - but it does not print with the rest of the document. All the images that are displayed are all grabbed remotely and print fine - I'm confused as to why the same does not happen with the footer document which is being grabbed from a similar location but not being printed.

I've even tried using MS Office XML to force the footer to print (<w:PrintBodyTextBeforeHeader/>) but to no avail.

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems and how they resolved it.

Many thanks in advance for your time and responses.


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