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09-09-2004, 03:23 AM
I have a form with few fields and I have three empty text boxes and a search link. I am searching for employees details. The search link page will take me to the search page with one drop down such as EmpId. When I select the EmpId and search the database, I will get results pertaining to the EmpId in the result page. I have three numbered checkboxes to each EmpID row and If I select (1)checkbox, it should to take back to the form text1 field. how do I do?
For example:
Search result page:
Response.write "<table>"
Response.write "<tr>"
Response.write"<td>"<input type = checkbox name=empvalue1><input type=checkbox name=empvalue2><input type=checkbox name=empvalue3>"</td>"

empvalue1 = "empname" + "empaddress" + "emptitle"
empvalue2 = "empname" + "empaddress" + "emptitle"
empvalue3 = "empname" + "empaddress" + "emptitle"


In the form page, I am doing a request.form to each empvalues and adding the response.write(empvalue1)(empvalue2)(empvalue3) to their respestive textboxes. My problem is i am not able to get the correct values to the textboxes and next problem is the form focus, it is opens a new form instead of the one I was working earlier. Please someone help. I am not sure whether i am doing it right.

I need to get the values of empname, empaddress and emptitle. I need all these three fields into one text box in the form page.

Secondly, when I checkmark the checkboxes and click submit, it is opening a fresh form page instead of the original form page where I was entering some information. how to give focus on the same form?

If there is any way to get this working, please help. thanks.

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