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06-19-2004, 02:30 PM

Occasionally we're sending some important messages to our employees (working at home) by e-mail. What I would like to know is if a particular employee open the message and when.

I tried to use <script src="check.asp?mail=..."></script>, but this doesn't seem to work in e-mail messageg, but only in HTML opened in a browser.

Is there any other way - exept sendlink a ling and requiring employees to click on it in order to read the message.


06-20-2004, 07:45 PM
how about making the email load an image tag from your website?
you could put in the email code something like

<img src="http://yoursite.com/check.asp?....">

then in the check.asp script, check the details and show the image.... maybe just return a 1x1 pixel image which is blank or something....

06-21-2004, 08:21 AM
Thanks. It work fine.


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