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02-04-2004, 11:02 AM

Need help to resolve this error "Access Denied". I couldn't understand why this error is coming. Here is the rough html code i am using in between will be java code.

<script language="javascript">

var status = "Users";

function dwld()

function upload()

if(document.forms[0].fileName.value==null || document.forms[0].fileName.value=="")
alert("Please Select an MS Excel file for uploading Prospectss");
return false;
document.forms[0].action = "BulkUploadTeams.jsp?fileName="+document.forms[0].fileName.value+"&projectId=null";
else if(status=="Users")
document.forms[0].action = "BulkUploadUsers.jsp?fileName="+document.forms[0].fileName.value;
else if(status=="Roles")
document.forms[0].action = "BulkUploadRoles.jsp?fileName="+document.forms[0].fileName.value;

return true;


<body CLASS="mydiv">

<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="POST">

<div id="tab" style="height:25%; width=100%" class="my">

<table class="topborderLess" width="100%">

<tr><td class="topMenu" >Bulk Upload</td></tr>


<td class="combobox" align="right" >

<input type="submit" name="Upload" value="Upload" onclick="return upload()" class="submitButtons">





<table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="4" class="topborderless">


<td class="inputFormLeft">Prospect</td>

<td class="inputFormRight">[<a href="javascript:dwld()"><b>Download</b></a>]</td>


<td class="inputFormLeft">File Name</td>

<td class="inputFormRight">

<input type="file" name="fileName" >




<input type=hidden name="status" value=Form UpLoad >



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