View Full Version : Code for PHP form to email webmaster directly after submission

01-03-2004, 05:21 AM

I was wondering if somebody could help me with the code for when a person submits a response on my feedback form, that it would directly e-mail that to me after they hit submit.

For a view of what I am doing, link below:
www.levyandassociates.net/mdlevy/feedback/ (http://www.levyandassociates.net/mdlevy/feedback/)

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


01-03-2004, 01:23 PM
There's loads at http://www.hotscripts.com

01-03-2004, 03:22 PM
ahh. ye old form2email. in my esperience, its better to have all the results saved to a DB or text file than password protect a page that shows the info

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