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01-01-2004, 04:13 AM
Hello, I would appreciate any help in advance to this problem I am having.

I am wanting a sort of "quote of the day" script that changes every day, but repeats the same messages every week (instead of a different 'quote' every day of the month). Like: for Monday I have "message1", Tuesday "message2", and so on.

Any help at all would be GREAT appreciated!

I have a script here, but a part of it doesn't work. Is there any way to make one "quote" have multiple days, like i tried below? With it this way, the message only shows for the end numbered days, not the ones before them (like it worked on the 31st, but when the day came to Jan. 1st, it didn't work).


var today_obj=new Date()
var today_date=today_obj.getDate()

var tips=new Array()
//Configure the below variable to contain the "header" of the tip
var tiptitle=' Quotes below:<br><div align="justify">'

//Configure the below array to hold the 31 possible tips of the month
tips[1,8,15,22,29]='message 1'

tips[2,9,16,23,30]='message 2'

tips[3,10,17,24,31]='message 3'

tips[4,11,18,25]='message 4'

tips[5,12,19,26]='message 5'

tips[6,13,20,27]='message 6'

tips[7,14,21,28]='message 7'


01-01-2004, 08:55 PM
^ FOUnd a script, just need it to work right:confused:


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