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11-28-2012, 01:56 AM
Hi again,
I'm having difficulty figuring out how to create a top-border on my main menu sub-category, on hover.

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

Parent item (no border)
Sub-category (top solid border)
Sub-sub-category (right solid border - while keeping the border on the previous category too)

Is this possible? I'm sure it is. I just don't know where to change it.

Development site (http://dev.yourbusybee.com/ice/)

Thanks in advance.


11-28-2012, 02:56 AM
#parent { }
#parent .sub { }
#parent .sub:hover { border-top: 1px solid blue; }
#parent .sub .sub { border-right: 1px solid red; }

Like thatt?

11-28-2012, 03:33 AM
Conceptually, yes. But I'm not having much luck figuring out how to do that with the specific css I've got to work with (I'm using a template and have made significant modifications to it).

11-28-2012, 12:28 PM
Then it would depend on the code you're working around. Perhaps you should post that part, or just point out which thing it is on your page you linked.

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