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11-04-2012, 05:33 PM

I am a student in Mobile Application Design, and currently am taking classes online. Up until this past week, I have had no trouble with my coding classes, and then JavaScript was introduced. I do not know if it is the bad instructional videos or weird projects. I have spent countless hours on this project, and nothing comes out right.

I was wanting to know if someone knew where I could find a completed example of this template, so I can better understand it. I have already passed the deadline on the project, and have received a 0, but I need to understand this for this upcoming project. By the way, we were supposed to portray a story within this code. Also, I uploaded a Flowchart that was provided in the folder. Not even Lynda.com could help me...

Any help you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

var procFunction function(argument){
// your code completes the procedure

//boolean function
var booFunction = function(argument){
//your code completes the Boolean function

//number function
var numFunction = function(arg1, arg2){
//your code goes here

//string function
var strFunction = function(argument){
//your code here completes the string function

//array function
var arrFunction = function(arrArgument, numArgument){
// your code here completes the array function

//Your function calls go here
procFunction("some value"); //calls the procFunction and
//passes some value as the argument.

numFunction(10,2); //calls the numFunction and passes 10 and 2 to
// the arg1 and arg2 variables in the function

Old Pedant
11-04-2012, 10:47 PM
It would probably help tons if you bothered to tell us what each of those functions is supposed to *DO*.

For example, we see that there is a call to numFunction(10,2) but we have no idea if numFunction is supposed to add 10 and 2, multiply 10 by 2, or compare 10 vs. 2 to find the larger. Or something completely different.

If you didn't understand the assignment and can't tell us what is is, we can't very well help you.

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