View Full Version : How do I swap one swf for another by clicking a button / link?

03-05-2012, 11:10 PM
Hello. I have looked everywhere and I absolutely cannot find a method that works. I'm making an html website with flash. This is all I want......

A swf "this will be the default flash you see"

underneath that flash I want 3 text links named.....

when you click flash1, 2, or 3 I want it to swap out the Current flash video
with a different one. This way The user can watch all the flash vids on the
same page, rather than a separate page for each flash.

I found a way to swap them out using iframe, however that requires me to
make a separate html page for each of my swf's themselves. I dont want to do that.

Plz if someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it! I hope I am posting
this in the correct section, I know swfobject involves javascripting so thats
why I'm posting here. Not that your method HAS to involve swfobject to
embed. If someone can give me code that I can just copy/paste into a blank
page in dreamweaver (and I would adjust the embded swf file name and size
etc obviously) and have it work that would be fantastic.

thank you

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