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02-16-2012, 04:01 PM
I've got a flash music player (audioplay) on a site (yeah, I know, I hate music on websites too, but the client wants it).

I'm using javascript to trigger "stop" and "play" and it works on every browser except IE 9+.
The error in IE's developer says: SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'stopMusic'

Here's the javascript:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

function getPlayer(movieName)
if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft") != -1)
return window[movieName];
return document[movieName];

function play2()

function stop2()


Here's the working example: EXAMPLE (http://www.paulgregoryphotography.com)

02-16-2012, 04:15 PM
it works on every browser except IE 9+.

nope - I get the same error in firefox: "getPlayer("player2").stopMusic is not a function"

02-16-2012, 05:10 PM
Ahh, crap. I've only been testing it on FF 10. I just checked it on FF 8 & 9 and nothing. This audioplay is outdated. It seems to me the javascript code could be modified to make it work but I don't know enough about it.

02-17-2012, 11:21 AM
Stopping audio


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