View Full Version : Displaying a skin if the page url matches

05-21-2011, 04:35 PM
So here's my best explanation at what I need:

I'm using one page with a $PHP_SELF?mod=main. The page has log ins and is all set up with cookies to display a login page if not logged in, and a panel if logged in. On the Panel, there's a navigation bar at the top. The links of the pages are $PHP_SELF?mod=editnews etc. To save time I was hoping that I could make it so that the ?mod=main page could display a certain skin which, when logged in on my homepage (not on the panel; I placed a login script on the homepage) shows the navigation bar in an iframe on a bar on my homepage.

I coded it previously to change upon edited in the options > preferences. Here's the code:

if(isset($config_skin) and $config_skin != "" and file_exists("./skins/${config_skin}.skin.php")){
$using_safe_skin = true;

The two skins are default.skin.php (the skin for all other pages) and mainpage.skin.php (the skin for the navigation bar on my homepage). Please help me.

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