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11-03-2010, 10:36 PM

I have a fairly typical website using server includes.


It goes something like this...

If menu.php include subnavigation.php else display welcome.php Which is fine. The contents of subnavigation.php are displayed in a right floated DIV.

The problem is the links within subnavigation when clicked load the new page in a blank window.. I need menu.php and header.php to still display.

Here is the code subnavigation is processing..

if ($cat2_empty == "0" && $num_rows > "0" || $cat2_empty == "1") // Only display if there are products in this cat
echo " <tr>\n";
echo " <td><font class=\"smblack\"><a href=\"$path/prod_select.php?area=18&cat1_id=$cat1_id&amp;cat2_id=$cat2_id\" onClick=\"changeContent()\" onMouseOver=\"window.status='View $cat2_name Products'; return true\" onMouseOut=\"window.status='Available $cat1_name Products'; return true\"><img src=\"$path/web_graphics/blue_folder.gif\" border=\"0\">&nbsp;$cat2_name&nbsp;($num_rows)</font></a></td>\n";
echo " </tr>\n";

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