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10-22-2010, 05:46 PM
Hi, I am stuck on this problem for a few day and need some help. I am trying to display a field that have a match record with another table but I am stuck. Can anyone help me?


function showFields() {
var ID = document.getElementById("ID").value;
//this line giving me error message "Object Required."
var SubNbr = document.getElementById("SubscriberID").value;
if (ID != ''){

var m = doAjaxCall("ShowFields", "{'ID':"+ID+"}" );
if (m.substring(0,7) != "ERROR: "){ //We have the form data now load the form
//We need a funciton to return the data.

dispForm(frmCDC, m);
getFormField(SubNbr, m);
setStatus("Idle(No Match)...");

Adding = false;

Philip M
10-23-2010, 03:46 PM
hunghoang - Do please read the posting guidelines regarding silly thread titles. The thread title is supposed to help people who have a similar problem in future. Yours is useless for this purpose. You can (and should) edit it to make it more meaningful.

When posting here please help us to help you by following the posting guidelines and wrapping your code in CODE tags. This means use the octothorpe or # button on the toolbar which will insert the tags. You can (and should) edit your previous post.

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