View Full Version : Dojo Dojo 1.3.2 DataGrid and IE (Internet Explorer 7)

07-22-2010, 03:43 PM

I am using Dojo 1.3.2 dojox.grid.DataGrid.
In IE 7 when I doubleclick on a number cell the editing is activated. When afterwards I add a new row to the datagrid and want to edit the number cell I doubleclik on it. But the cursor is not available.

It seems that the onCellDblClick method used from within dojox.grid._Event.js does complete, but does not work correctly.

onCellDblClick: function(e){
// summary:
// Event fired when a cell is double-clicked.
// e: Event
// Decorated event object contains reference to grid, cell, and rowIndex
this.edit.setEditCell(this._click[1].cell, this._click[1].rowIndex);
}else if(this._click[0].rowIndex != this._click[1].rowIndex){
this.edit.setEditCell(this._click[0].cell, this._click[0].rowIndex);
this.edit.setEditCell(e.cell, e.rowIndex);

Anybody experienced this?


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