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07-20-2010, 04:02 PM
Ok, please let me explain a little of what I am trying to do and what its for :)

This is the form:

<form method='get'>
<td style='background-color:#578EBD'>
<input type="submit" name="enter" value="Enter">
<input type="hidden" name="show_id" value={$row['id']}>
<input type="hidden" name="level" value=$level>
<input type=hidden name=show_type value='$_POST[show_type]'>
<input type=hidden name=show_level value='$_POST[show_level]'>
<input type=hidden name=show_price value='$_POST[show_price]'>
<input type=hidden name=show_run value='$_POST[show_run]'>

Now, I need to make it so that once users have clicked the 'Enter' button, for their browser session, it shows they have clicked it (not sure if I am explaining this well!)

I believe I have 2 options but I am driving myself crazy trying to figure it out and any help is VERY much appreciated!

1. Make the 'Enter' submit button a a href link...but cant work out how to do this
2. Make the 'Enter' button change colour once clicked...again, not a clue. I did think about trying to add a link style but dont think that would work

Thank you for any help offered xxx

07-20-2010, 04:21 PM
You have to check with PHP if the user is logged in (or whatever is different after they click the enter button) and then assign a class to that button or add a welcome message (a div wherever you want with text in it) or whatever. You can then style this with CSS.

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