View Full Version : Perhaps I didn't ask the right way the first time.

06-15-2010, 06:59 PM
I solved the issue by completely removing the LINK, and simply adding the onclick function. thank you anyway.


I'm sorry if perhaps my first post was to confusing, I hope I can better describe what I'm trying to achieve here.

Here's what's going on.

When a link is 'clicked' such as
<a href="javascript:animatedcollapse.toggle('test')"> I expand and Collapse!</a> it will 'expand' and 'collapse' a DIV. The script works completely fine, unless I try to place a
<input type="button" value="myButtonValue" /> as the link, so I can submit the information through a php request.

if I use an image, or text, it works fine, but I need to be able to use a button.

You can see an example of a working and non-working 'collapsing and expanding DIV' if you Click Here. (http://www.olivetreepubs.com/toggledoesntwork.html)

Is there another way around this? I'd even venture to use another form of 'expanding' and 'collapsing' JavaScript if anyone could provide...

Thank you.

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