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03-23-2010, 11:26 PM
I have done my own shopping cart, i have all the information including the total price. How can i create a check out button which will allow users to pay online with their credit/master card?

03-23-2010, 11:29 PM
Use something like the Paypal/Google API's. They're well documented.

03-23-2010, 11:33 PM
i would suggest looking into paypal for product buying online they alow you to use a button which you just put onto you site and they do the rest, if you wanted a an internal checkout system you would need to build a system that does an online transaction so that they can pay you but that would include obtaining their card numbers which need to be held securly so others cant get them and use them for fraud.

03-23-2010, 11:35 PM
Thanks Matt,
How can i code the total amount in the paypal button. I have done a few online paypal button but in that you have to manually enter the total amount, can the total amount be entered dynamically according to the user query?

03-23-2010, 11:43 PM

03-24-2010, 12:34 AM
Thanks Matt

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