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02-03-2010, 11:53 PM

is a web design job any good?

there must be some web designers on this forum can you tell me what it is like being one?

how did you get into web design?

is the pay good?

what different types of coding is needed to become one?

do you like your job?

did you go to uni? college?

what types of holidays do you get?

how do the working hours work?

do you work at home or in a office?


02-04-2010, 03:29 AM
You can find some answers at www.salary.com.

I can speak as a programmer, which is generally the same as a web developer, all in all...

There are lows, there are highs. When you are on a high-profile project that wasn't specced well in the beginning and the users or project managers have an unrealistic expectation of how much work can be done, it can really really suck. But, when you are on a good project with a good team leader who does a good job of delegating and everyone's in sync, it's the greatest. So to answer the question do I like my job, the answer can be yes, and it can be no.

When you think of web development in the professional world you need to think on an enterprise scale. The enterprise tools I've been exposed to are Websphere and Weblogic, mostly. These tools are highly structured frameworks, and working with these tools is nothing like the cowboy world of small website design, where a LAMP install and some raw PHP code gets the job done. These tools make everything more difficult, pretty much. :p But it's for good reason-- you end up with maintainable code that other people can pick up and re-use, enhance, modify.

The big problem for we self-taught developers, then is how to jump the gap between the DIY we're familiar with and the "Must have 3 years J2EE experience" requirement these actual jobs come with. I haven't figured that out yet, and that's why I'm still a COBOL programmer :D

I got a 2-year degree. It got me my first job, as my professor gave me a personal referral, so I'd say it was a good thing to get, but most all of my practical know-how came from on-the-job experience.

My benefits are typical American benefits with holiday, vacation, sick, etc. Nothing special but nothing to complain about either.

I work a 40 hour week, in the office. My last job I had one telecommute day a week, which was awesome, so that varies with the employer.

I have to note that you used the term "web designer", which is different from "web developer". I figured you meant "web developer" since you asked about coding languages. As a designer you're more into the artsy side of things and I have no idea about that world.

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