View Full Version : Position: Fixed not working in IE

12-18-2009, 09:42 PM
Anyone have any idea why my position:fixed is being recognized by IE???

It's an embedded link:

<font face="gill sans"><a href="#sect1" title="test" style="position:absolute; top:100px; left:40px; text-decoration: none; color: gray; font-size: 15; target="_blank">OUR GOALS</a></font>

It works fine in Safari and Firefox...


12-18-2009, 10:07 PM
Hello laymangroup,
I have a demo page at http://nopeople.com/CSS/position%20fixed/ that shows how to get position:fixed; working in IE6, maybe that will help?

12-18-2009, 10:12 PM

And I finally figured out how to mimic that other page! I'll share a link once I've finished...

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