View Full Version : Problem with javascript for gif anims in IE

gordon k
05-28-2009, 11:10 AM
Hallo all - new poster here.

I've set up a photo viewer on my website, and one of the features is that every time you click a button to view a photo, a small flashgun-style gif animation is triggered in the thumbnail preview window.

This works fine in Firefox, but when I tested it using IE7, the gif animation doesn't display - or rather only the last frame (a black matt) displays each time.


function clickone() {
document.images['thumb-pic'].src = "flashgun.gif";
document.images['main-pic'].src = "images/LightFlowerSq.jpg";
document.images['name-label'].src = "images/LightFlowerLabel.gif";

The image displays fine by itself, so I'm wondering if I'm doing something nonstandard with the Javascript which inserts it.

Can anyone suggest what the problem might be?

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