View Full Version : Please take a look at my new website, need advice about new choice.

11-29-2008, 05:02 PM
Hello everyone.

This is my web studio WebAndPeople (http://webandpeople.com)

I think that home page is not good enaugh and have some new idea:
http://webandpeople.com/template/public/images/main09_02_prev.jpg (http://webandpeople.com/template/public/images/main09_02.jpg)

Please give an advice - which choice is better - the one on image or existing?
Also overall critique are very welcome!


11-29-2008, 06:25 PM
Oh God they're both so pretty...
But I'll have to say the new image. The content is more organized and sectioned, whilst the existing is rather mixmatched and confusing.

11-29-2008, 06:43 PM
I agree with CyanLight, they are both really nice designs.

But I too think that the image looks better. It seems 'more' minimal. Less cluttered.
Everything seems easier to find, and it's nicer to look at :)

11-29-2008, 09:10 PM
Looks great. I personally think the dropdown menus at the top should be offset 1px right to align with the buttons.

The menu doesn't feel right being at 0 margin from the top of the browser. The shade of gray is perhaps a little tiny bit too light.

12-02-2008, 06:16 PM
Well, Thanks to all.
The Image is good...and there is a good idea in it, but...there always but :)

There are a questionarie there which should split visitors and guide very correctly to needed result! and it is difficult to make such a thing.

Heh... need to get to think a lot about it.

12-06-2008, 09:54 PM
I have changed the new version of the layout.
Please take a look.
Many people ask about the question on my page - the idea is to force visitor enter into dialog from the start.
http://www.webandpeople.com/template/public/images/main09_03_prev.jpg (http://www.webandpeople.com/template/public/images/main09_03.jpg)

There would be several questions which should direct visitor to specified info section depending on answers.

How do you think?

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