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08-27-2008, 08:35 PM
I got this code from javascriptkit. And I added a few code to validate the radio button and checked boxes. It works for check boxes but not for radio buttons

function checkrequired(which){

var btn = valButton(document.Reg.race);

var pass=true
if (document.images){
for (i=0;i<which.length;i++){
var tempobj=which.elements[i]

if (tempobj.name.substring(0,8)=="required"){

//All the document.Reg.box<number>.checked == false are to check for check boxes

if (((tempobj.type=="text"||tempobj.type=="textarea")&&tempobj.value=='')||(tempobj.type.toString().charAt(0)=="s"&&tempobj.selectedIndex==-1) || (document.Reg.box1.checked == false && document.Reg.box2.checked == false && document.Reg.box3.checked == false && btn == null )){
if (!pass){
alert("One or more of the required elements are not completed. Please complete them, then submit again! Please Make sure you select at least one checkbox")
return false
return true

//To validate radio buttons

function valButton(btn) {
var cnt = -1;
for (var i=btn.length-1; i > -1; i--) {
if (btn[i].checked) {cnt = i; i = -1;}
if (cnt > -1) return btn[cnt].value;
else return null;

Help please !



08-28-2008, 01:38 PM
Anyone? I have multiple members in the same group!

<td width="314" height="24"> <span class="body">
<Input type = 'Radio' Name ='race' value= 'Male'>Male
<Input type = 'Radio' Name ='race' value= 'Female'>Female<br>

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