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07-09-2008, 07:27 AM
Yea so I done a little HTML here and there, made a site or two. I decided to setup a site for a friend (free). Me and my buddy spend a lot of time on photo shop and came up with http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/362/360kustombackgroundpx5.th.jpg (http://img172.imageshack.us/my.php?image=360kustombackgroundpx5.jpg)

How can I use this to make my site?

07-09-2008, 08:34 AM
start by breaking down the image into a logical format that you can reproduce with HTML. This one is quite simple, with a menu bar, a header and a content area, so the code would start off looking like

<div id="menu"></div>
<div id="header"></div>
<div id="content"></div>

Using that image, cut out the different backgrounds and apply them, and style the Div's as you would with any other site.

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