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01-28-2003, 02:32 AM
i am looking for an ad-free poll script, one such as at http://www.teamareola.com towards the bottom.
i have tried hotscripts but they have proved unreliable.
any suggestions plz?

01-28-2003, 04:43 AM

01-28-2003, 05:11 AM
i actually just found one that i like:

// En: Begin PHP Code / Fr: Debut code PHP
* PHP Poll Version 1.0 *
* Copyright 2000 Frederic TYNDIUK (FTLS) All Rights Reserved. *
* E-Mail: tyndiuk@ftls.org Script License: GPL *
* Created 02/28/2000 Last Modified 02/28/2000 *
* Scripts Archive at: http://www.ftls.org/php/ *
// Necessary Variables:

$RESULT_FILE_NAME = "poll_data.txt";
// En: Absolute path and name to file contain poll data.
// Fr: Chemin absolu (complet) et Nom du fichier contenant les donne.

$QUESTION = "How do you like this Script?";
// En: Question Text.
// Fr: Texte de la question.
$ANSWER = array("Love it!", "Like it!", "Its okay..", "I dislike it", "I hate it..");
// En: All answer.
// Fr: Reponses possibles

$IMG_DIR_URL = "./vote";
// En: URL Directory of poll graphs.
// Fr: URL du repertoire des images.

// En: Time (second) after people can revote, use cookies.
// Fr: Temps en second apres lequel une personne peut revoter.

// End Necessary Variables section

if (! $vote && ! $result) {
echo "<FORM METHOD=\"POST\">\n";
echo "<TABLE WIDTH=100% BORDER=1><TR><TD><TABLE WIDTH=\"100%\" BORDER=0>\n";
echo "<TR><TH>$QUESTION</TH></TR>\n";
while (list($key, $val) = each($ANSWER)) {
echo "<TR><TD align=\"center\"><INPUT TYPE=\"radio\" NAME=\"answer\" VALUE=\"$key\"> $val</TD></TR>\n";
echo "<TR><TD align=\"center\"><INPUT TYPE=\"Submit\" NAME=\"vote\" VALUE=\" Vote \"></TD></TR>\n";
echo "<TR><TD align=\"center\"><INPUT TYPE=\"Submit\" NAME=\"result\" VALUE=\" See Result \"></TD></TR>\n";
echo "</TABLE></TD></TR></TABLE></FORM>";
} else {

$file_array = file($RESULT_FILE_NAME); // or error("Can not open \$RESULT_FILE_NAME");

// En: Save result
// Fr: Enregistre le resultat
if ($answer < count($ANSWER) && $vote) {
if (count($file_array) < count($ANSWER)) {
$file_array = array("0\n", "0\n", "0\n", "0\n", "0\n", "0\n", "0\n", "0\n", "0\n", "0\n");
$old_answer = $file_array[$answer];
$old_answer = preg_replace("/\n\r*/", "", $old_answer);
$file_array[$answer] = ($old_answer + 1)."\n";

$file = join('', $file_array);
$fp = fopen("$RESULT_FILE_NAME", "w"); //or error("Can not write \$RESULT_FILE_NAME");
flock($fp, 1);
fputs($fp, $file);
flock($fp, 3);
echo "Your vote has been added.";

// En: Display result
// Fr: Affiche le resultat
while (list($key, $val) = each($file_array)) {
$total += $val;

echo "<h2>PHP Poll vote results :</h2>";
echo "<tr><th>Vote</th><th>Percentage</th><th>Total</th></tr>";

while (list($key, $val) = each($ANSWER)) {
$percent = $file_array[$key] * 100 / $total;
$percent_int = floor($percent);
$percent_float = number_format($percent, 1);
$tp += $percent_float;
echo "<tr><td> $ANSWER[$key] </td><td><img height=9 src=\"$IMG_DIR_URL/vote_left.gif\"><img height=9 width=\"$percent_int\" src=\"$IMG_DIR_URL/vote_middle.gif\"><img height=9 src=\"$IMG_DIR_URL/vote_right.gif\"> $percent_float % </td><td>$file_array[$key]</td></tr>";

echo "</TABLE><br>";


but just one question:
where would i edit it to show the poll results on the same page instead of a seperate one?

01-28-2003, 08:30 AM
Looking at the code it does display the results on the same page as where you will submit your vote from.

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