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02-20-2008, 06:47 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have withecho.php that is a “lite” version of my bigger script. I know if it echoed “run formmail script” that everything worked so I moved to the next step of putting my formmail script in the "Else" Statement that says “echo "run form mail script"

When I run the new script with the form mail programming I get errors like “Call to undefined function: isoldversion()”
I know that script is wicked long, I got that from the guy who is doing the encryption, and the program when alone in its own file works fine. It’s when I try to paste into the withecho.php I have the problems.

So right now I have it the form is submitted to withecho.php and if its not a citi bank card it displays “run form mail script”

Is there a way to just pass the variables that were submitted to with echo.php to the php script with my formail programming?

Only if it is not a Citibank card?

If you could give me any advice on why it’s doing that it would be great, I’m pouring over the W3schools site to learn it, and I understand it much better, but I’m afraid that the logic behind this problem is eluding me.

http://www.lgw.com/DEV/test.zip is my PHP source code, the "lite" version called withecho.php and the much larger one with withformmail.php

Chris K.

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