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01-15-2008, 10:22 AM
i'm sending an email using cdo to send an html email.

i get the email fine but on my clients server after a certain amount of characters - it gets cut off and says ------=_NextPart_000_00A0_01C8572D.B79354D0--

what can be causing this?

Whatever Jr.
01-16-2008, 10:28 AM
A boundary attribute in the content type?

01-16-2008, 10:45 AM
what do you mean

content type=1255 but i need it for hebrew

Whatever Jr.
01-16-2008, 11:31 AM
Is there an attribute 'Boundary'?

Show us some code....


01-16-2008, 11:37 AM
Function SendCDOEmail(smtpserver,username,password, strSubject, strBody,strFromAddress,strReplyToAddress, strToAddress,strCc,strBCc,intpriority,strBodyFormat,Attachment)

set objMessage = createobject("cdo.message")
set objConfig = createobject("cdo.configuration")
set b =objMessage.bodypart

b.charset = "windows-1255"

' Setting the SMTP Server
Set Flds = objConfig.Fields
Flds.Item("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendusing") = 2
'Flds.Item("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpauthenticate") = 1
'Flds.Item("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendusername") = "do_not_reply@mysite.com"
'Flds.Item("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendpassword") = ""
Flds.Item("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserver") = smtpserver

Set objMessage.Configuration = objConfig
objMessage.To = strToAddress
objMessage.CC = strCc
objMessage.From = strFromAddress
objMessage.Subject = strSubject

objMessage.HTMLBody = strBody
on error resume next
if err.number <> 0 then
response.write err.description
Response.write "<BR> Mail sent..."
end if

End Function

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