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01-16-2003, 05:48 AM
Well?.. heh, I'm building site with geocities host, and I need the script to block the annoying ads on the left, yea, they mess up my layout, so.. if you have a link, or script, it'd help.. I know it's out there, I used to have it on one of my older sites, but lost it.. so if you could help, I'd appreciate it..

01-16-2003, 07:52 AM
you might not wanna ask that around here ;)

01-16-2003, 09:12 AM
Please read our rules before posting in the future: http://www.codingforums.com/rules.htm Asking to disable ads is both immoral and against Geocities' TOS. It's these ads that allow them to keep the service free.

Closing thread.

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