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Richard Welch
07-03-2007, 04:50 PM

I have just created a submit form which includes attachments. I got a script off HiQFM which handles attachments. I got it all working apart from the attachments. If I try to attach a document on the form, it isn't sent but when no attachment is attached on the form, I receive the information perfectly.

Can anyone help? Is it a problem with my html?: www.exigotranslations.com/order.htm

Try submitting the form with attachments.



Here is the HiQFM config script:

# This is a HiQ Formmail configuration file - ver 1.0
# The operation of HiQFM.php is controled by the values contained here.
# The form is [directive] value (multiple values are entered 1 per line)

# Multiple values are entered 1 per line.
[recipient] rwelchman@exigotranslations.com
[bcc] none

# --NOTE -- To allow any file type set value to 'all' as in...
[valid_attach_types] all
# [valid_attach_types] image,TExt

# Allow only desired file extensions
[valid_attach_extensions] none

# List of file extentions which are not allowed.
# Default list is bat,com,exe,scr,vbs,vbe,js,reg,pcd,inf,plf and pcd
# Add additional here - a comma seperated list
[non_valid_extensions] none

#list of required form fields -- multiple are entered 1 per line as in:
#[required_fields] field1
#[required_fields] field2
[required_fields] none

# To require attachment(s) set to yes
[require_attach] no

# Banned emails, email addresses of people who are blocked from using the script.
# Ex. *@somedomain.com,user@domain.com,etc@domains.com
[banned] none

# Items below only accept single values.

# Environment report is used to include information about the form user.
# To activate an item change to yes.

# The subject of your email
[subject] Translation work!

# By default blank fields not sent - to change set to yes.
[send_blank_fields] no

# Html file to redirect the user to after form is processed.
[redirect] http://www.exigotranslations.com/thankyou.htm

# File to be emailed to the form submitter.
[auto_responder] none

# Header/footer files -- wrap output to blend with site design.
[er_header_file] er_header_def.htm
[er_footer_file] er_footer_def.htm
[header_file] header_def.htm
[footer_file] footer_def.htm

# Applies to allowed size for attached files.
[MAX_FILE_SIZE] 1000000

# Items below apply only to Safe Mode operation.
# The directory defined here MUST be in(or under) the same directory as HiQFM.php
# and have world write permissions (CHMOD 777).
[safemode_temp_dir] TEMP_FILES
# For Safe Mode set this to yes.
[safe_mode] no

07-03-2007, 05:38 PM
Were you expecting that someone could troubleshoot your installation of a 3rd party script just by viewing the page in a browser and looking at the config file? That's a tall order...

Richard Welch
07-03-2007, 07:07 PM
Er.. ok, has anyone had any problems with HiQFM scripts and sending attachments? or does anyone know of any scripts that can handle attachments?

Thanks, Richard.

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