View Full Version : I am new and need help

12-18-2002, 02:04 PM
I am learning HTML and have made a small page using my Netscape Composer 4.7.5. On it I have a little scrolling text cursor, you can see the info here;
The problem is that it works with all browsers except the new Netscape 7.01 that I just installed on my Mac. What use is a brand new shiny browser that won't do what the old ones do? (My old Ford F-150 isn't shiny and new either.)
I am a beginner, (retired grandmother),learning HTML, and am having a great time with my new hobby, but sometimes can be stumped by easy stuff.
Thank you all, and Merry Christmas!

12-18-2002, 03:43 PM
My neighbor just answered my question about Netscape 7.01. It is AOLified! He said, go and get Mozilla, that is Netscape without AOL. Here goes,,,,,,,

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