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05-14-2007, 11:44 AM
Hi guys dont know if any1 can help me. But basically I found something on the amazon website that I thought was really cool and wanted to use it on my site. I took the code and removed as much as i could for the stuff that was not needed. However when i save the code as a stand alone page it works fine. I use cubecart as my online store front But when I place it inside cubecart the mouseover does not work. Would any1 be able to help me with the codeing.

I have pasted a copy of the code below incase any1 wanted to see it 1st.

Thanks alot.




<script type='text/javascript'>
goN2Consts =
chEOL: String.fromCharCode(0x0A),
chSQUOTE: String.fromCharCode(0x27),
chDQUOTE: String.fromCharCode(0x22),
chBACKSLASH: String.fromCharCode(0x5C),
chYEN: String.fromCharCode(0xA5)

<script type='text/javascript'>
//! ======= JSF Bootstrap (1) =======
// $Revision: #13 $
var gbN2Loaded = N2Loaded = false;
var n2LMStart = new Date();
var gaN2JSLibs = [];
var gaN2JSLibPaths = [];
var gaN2JSLibIds = [];
var gaN2CSSLibs = [];
var gaN2CSSLibPaths = [];
var n2sRTW1='onload';
var n2sRTWTBS='simplepopoverloaded';
var goN2Initializer = {
aHandlers: [],
aEventsRun: [],
bCoreLoaded: false,
runThisWhen: function (sWhen, fFn, sComment) {
if ( (typeof fFn != 'function') || fFn == null) return false;
sWhen = sWhen.toLowerCase();

this.aHandlers[this.aHandlers.length] = { sWhen: sWhen, fFn: fFn, sComment: sComment };
return true
run: function() {},
isReady: function() {return false;}
goN2Initializer.initializeThis = goN2Initializer.runThisWhen;
function n2RunThisWhen(sWhen, fFn, sComment) {
goN2Initializer.runThisWhen(sWhen, fFn, sComment);
function n2RunIfLoaded(sLibID, fFn, sComment) {
goN2Initializer.runThisWhen(sLibID+'loaded', fFn, 'sequenced init of '+ sComment);
var goN2LibMon = {
aLibs: {},
monitorLoad: function (sLibID) {
this.aLibs[sLibID] = { sID: sLibID, nDuration: this.nMONITORLOAD };
stats: function() {}
//! ======= JSF Bootstrap (2) =======

var goCust = new Object();
goCust.isLoggedIn = function() { return false; }
function() {
oAllCatPopover = new N2SimplePopover();
goN2Events.registerFeature('two-tabs', 'oAllCatPopover', 'n2MouseOverHotspot', 'n2MouseOutHotspot');
goN2Events.setFeatureDelays('two-tabs',200, 400, 200);
oAllCatPopover.initialize('AllCatPopoverDiv', 'oAllCatPopover',null,null,'below','c');
'All Categories popover');
function() {
}, "n2CoreLibsExt Init ");
var i;
var sTags = "";
var bIsSafari = navigator.userAgent.match(/Safari/);
for (i in gaN2CSSLibPaths)
sTags += '<lin'+'k hr'+'ef="'+gaN2CSSLibPaths[i]+'" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">' + goN2Consts.chEOL;
for (i in gaN2JSLibPaths)
var sScript = '<sc'+'ript s'+'rc="'+gaN2JSLibPaths[i]+'" type="text/javascript"></sc'+'ript>' + goN2Consts.chEOL;
if (bIsSafari) document.write(sScript);
else sTags += sScript;
'http://www.healthier-options.com/sports/skins/Killer/styleSheets/n2CoreLibs-n2v1-57871.css' );
n2LLStop = new Date();
//! ======= JSF Bootstrap (End) =======

<div style="display:none">
<div id="all-categories">
<div style="width:586px; padding:12px; border:1px solid #ACA976; background-color:#FFFFFF;">

<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1">
<tr valign="top"><td>
<div class="popover-grouping">
<div class="popover-category-name">Shop By Brand</div>
<div><a href="/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=1">Maximuscle</a></div>
<table id="navbarTabsTable" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="center"><tr valign="bottom">

<link href='http://www.healthier-options.com/sports/skins/Killer/styleSheets/n2CoreLibs-n2v1-57871.css'
type='text/css' rel='stylesheet'>

<td class="" height="33"><div align="center"><a href="" name="two-tabs|he|all-categories">See all 41<br/>Product&nbsp;Categories</a></div></td><td class="rightoff" width="15" height="33"><img src="" width="15" alt="" height="8" border="0" /></td>


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